In Georgia, eligible families can receive the Georgia, an  EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer), or essentially, an electronic version of food stamps. Lenders cards is required in accepted supermarkets, power will last . will be instantly subtracted for a month-to-month money.
The actual Georgia gives you these types of positive aspects to help low-income homes that will help spend on the expense of sweets. Also, this software offers education and learning as well as data to help their families who obtain food stamps to advertise healthy eating and healthy lifestyles and also work as well as teaching choices suitable for single childless adults. In addition, they offer outreach actions to enhance the actual Food Stamp Program in order to smaller communities in addition to low-income members.
To Apply
Every single county has a Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) office. This kind of team will take programs to get food stamp benefits. Glance underneath the county government section of the cellular phone work or even attend the site in the Division connected with Recruiting to discover the help with as well as contact number appraisal downtown team.
For you to get advantages, the top connected with domestic, friends new member, or perhaps certified guy symbolizing the family unit tidies up a license request when considering company. A license request mode can be acquired inside local County Department of Family and Children Services or even through the webpage. You may attend the home office in order to as well as phone any office in order to speak to that the application come to be sent by mail in the home and also currently have a person have a figure for yourself.
What if I have questions about my Compass Card?
Call the Helpline, the Helpline is open for your questions:
When should I call the Helpline?
Call IMMEDIATLY if your Georgia Compass Card is lost or stolen.
Call if your Compass Card is bent or otherwise damaged
Call when you need to know your Compass Card balance.
Call if you have other questions or need additional help with your Compass Card.
How do the benefits work?
Advantages are going to be acknowledged to ones EBT consideration through the 5th through the 14th of each month. To be able connect with your own advantages, you need your own EBT card with your PIN. If your EBT cards will be shed and / or compromised and also everyone forget about your own PIN,. Your current forfeited or even thieved cards will likely then turn out to be baulked.
A new EBT card and/or PIN will be issued to your household. To obtain information on-line about your EBT account, log on to: Using your card number and Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can:
Check your current account balance
Review your transaction history
Change your PIN
Contact Customer Service
You have to have your own playing card amount equipped for being internet access your details. Thoughts... keep EBT and PIN numbers in the safe and sound location. In cases where somebody benefits usage of your own EBT cards in addition to PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER, see your face has the ability to utilize your own advantages. Advantages removed from your own EBT consideration end up not being supplanted from DFCS and also the state of Georgia..


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